A social enterprise dance school

Sami Obama is a recognised Ethiopian dancer and actor. He has a strong drive and passion for acting, having graduated from Brave Studios. Sami grew up in Ethiopia, and came to Australia when he was 10. His dream is to teach the world about Ethiopian dancing through his videos, TV shows, movies and workshops.

Celeste Bayly started her training when she was 7 years old in Brisbane. In 2009 she was accepted into Strictly Dance's Excellence Program which enables her to complete pre-professional training in Classical Ballet along side her secondary education.

Upon graduation Celeste moved to Melbourne where she completed professional training at Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance in their Musical Theatre stream. Celeste has performed and taught for numerous companies, and CARE TWO DANCE is delighted to have her on the team!

Originally from Colombia, Laura  joined Golden Dance And Cheer Academy in 2009 where she studied ballet, jazz and hip hop along with being part of the cheerleading team, senior and elite pom teams with whom she competed in national and international championships.
In 2011 she started dancing Latin American styles; Bachata, Cha Cha, Mambo, Merengue and  'Salsa Cabaret' for Esfera Latina Salsa Show a recognized Colombian Salsa Company. 
Laura moved to Melbourne in 2015 to study full-time dance, and is now continuing her studies  as a scholarship student.  

After spending her childhood at the ballet barre, Hayley Franklin found West African dance ten years ago and hasn't looked back. She has learnt from various master dancers in Melbourne, including Kwame Tosuma, Seidu Karfo, Lamine Sonko, Mitzi McCrae, and Appiah Annan. She also learnt from professional dancers whilst in Ghana. Hayley is part of the performance group, Wassawumba! and is also an experienced teacher. What Hayley enjoys most about West African Dance is the live drumming and the freedom to let go!

Allyson Formosa began dancing with Johnny Young Talent School. In her teenage years she performing with 'Signal 37' and the 'Anti-Racism Action Band', both singing and dancing.

Allyson has completed studies in Production along with a Certificate III in Community Dance, Theatre and Events. She is passionate about teaching and helping others through dance. She has been a dance facilitator with Mayibuye and also a part of the inclusive performance group  "Inkrewsive".

Kumari Middleton completed full-time dance studies at Dance Factory in Melbourne and Broadway Dance Centre in New York.

She has worked in the television industry and performed in various stage shows. Kumari currently dances with the Ignite Bollywood Dance Company. Kumari has over 10 year experience teaching dance from toddlers to adults in Australia and numerous countries overseas, and is an experienced choreographer and Artistic Director. She is the Co-Founder of arts organisation 'Mayibuye' and the Founder of 'Care Two Dance'.