A social enterprise dance school

Our classes are for beginner dancers and those wanting to try new styles. As we grow, we aim to introduce intermediate and advanced classes. Please let us know if you are interested in higher standards or different styles and we will inform you when these classes are available.

AFRICAN - African dance expresses life of the community, cultural beliefs and social traditions. Dance movements connect strongly with the rhythm and beats emphasised in the music. Expect to get a great work out in this classes as movements are large, high energy and repetitive.

BOLLYWOOD -  Inspired by the passionate, high energy music from Bollywood films. These classes combine traditional Indian movements and Bhangra with modern movements from hip hop, jazz and latin. Routines will be fun and upbeat and include full-body movements with intricate head and hand positions.

CONTEMPORARY - Contemporary dance is free flowing and self expressive, combining several styles such as jazz, lyrical and ballet. Contemporary connects through the floor and is often described as earthy, there is also an element of improvisation and creative movement. 

HIP HOP - Hip hop is a strong, sharp and bold style which is grounded and energetic. It is a street dance, where there is freedom in movements and you are encouraged to show your own style and personality. Come and learn routines to the latest music from artists such as Justin Timberlake and Beyonce.

JAZZ - Jazz is a fun and energetic style which incorporates technical movements including turns, kicks and jumps. Jazz is often used in musical theatre, TV Commercials and video clips.  This class will start with stretch and strengthening exercises, followed by some technique work and then a short routine.

LATIN - Latin dance is often know as a partner competition dance, however these classes incorporate both individual, group and partner movements. You do not need to bring a partner, and these classes are relaxed and fun! You will get to learn different styles including Cha Cha Cha, Swing, Salsa, Bachata, Jive and Merengue.​

K-POP - otherwise known as Korean Pop, is modern popular music which originates from South Korea. K-pop dance includes high energy movements which are repetitive and performed in synchrony.  You will learn routines with movements that are designed to stand out and usually reflect the lyrics and meaning in the song.