A social enterprise dance school

Double your impact!

Care Two Dance is a commercial dance school in Melbourne offering a range of cultural dance styles and a unique socially conscious experience. Care Two Dance operates as a social enterprise through its one-for-one model. When a student does a dance class at our school, a class is also provided to a young person in need through our Mayibuye Performance Troupes. 

Why ‘Care Two Dance’? Because when you do a dance class with our school, you are caring about yourself and someone else.

Benefits to Care Two Dance students:

  • Introduction to new cultures through dance
  • Non-competitive environment
  • Physical fitness and body awareness
  • New connections and friendships
  • Increased self-expression and wellbeing
  • Improved confidence through performance opportunities
  • Better coordination, balance and mental alertness
  • Enhanced global awareness
  • Supporting a social cause and making a difference

Mayibuye operates in 5 countries and uses performing arts to facilitate educational opportunities for young people, who are vulnerable to negative peer pressures and at risk behaviour. Afterschool programs run weekly offering a life skills and dance curriculum, in addition to this Mayibuye also offers conferences, camps and holidays programs.